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We make this possible!


What We Offer

Just imagine,  your own web design company where you own the relationship with your client,  provide them with amazing service yet you don't have to learn any programming, design, or other technical skills.

You don't waste any time doing the nerdy things, you just focus on what you enjoy the most - chatting with your clients, selling them what they deserve and collecting the paychecks.

We make this possible!
Wholesale Wordpress Sites was created to fill a need where a lot of people know someone that needs a website, yet they don't like to design, or do all the 'nerdy work' that's involved in creating such a website, you know like buying a domain name, finding a web host, configuring it all, designing logos, images, and putting together a visually pleasing presentation aka a professional website.





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The Process

  • Discuss
  • Creative Concept
  • Production
  • Happy Client

Our Service

We offer just 3 services, services you can resell to your customers and make a lot of profit for yourself. These 3 we feel are the most vital part of running an online business - from start to finish.

Monthly maintenance package

Some websites need monthly updates, for example, past work and examples of work need to be updated each month.
Others might want to upload new products each month, or add new testimonials. We offer a monthly maintenance package, where we will add in new content, or remove old content.

$200 Wholesale Wordpress Sites

We are going to build you a custom, hand made website that reflects the business in question with a unique logo, and design. The website can have as much as 10 sub-pages, with up to 4 images per page. Most websites don't need this many pages and do just fine with 4-5 pages, your job will be to provide all the text and the images you want used on the website. We are going to register a domain for you, as well as setup the web host, this is included in the price - however the cost of the web host and the domain name is not included, and can be charged directly to your client or you may opt to resell web hosting to your client. This is completely up to you. The website will have its own email address, that can be forwarded to an existing mail box or there can be a native POP3 email setup with its own user/password.

SEO Package

Each and every month, we will submit your site to the top directories and search engines to keep the listing fresh and new visitors coming to your site. This is a very important step in making sure all your customers can find you.


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